Question:  How big does my bill have to be to assign it?

Answer: "We will take any bill from $1.00 to $10,000,000 and above."


Question: How long does it take to collect?

Answer: "It can take 1 day which happens most of the time typically with one telephone call or it can take several months if a collection lawsuit is needed."


Question: Are there any up front fees?

Answer: " If a lawsuit is needed to collect your debt, we have two ways to proceed: a) if we advance the costs we are a party to your debt lawsuit until our legal costs are recovered. b) if you advance the cost typically between $275.00 and $2500.00 (depending on the amount and resistance from the debtor), we will get a judgment in your name, which is good for 10 years. You simply assign the debt to us and allow us to collect it and you are reimbursed by the debtor for any attorneys fees, court costs etc. and if you are not satisfied you can take your debt to another agency with reasonable notice."


Question: Do you adhere to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act?

Answer: Yes,  we do, We record all of our debtor interactions and insure that every debt collector working for our firm is trained and complies to the letter with the act and also the California-Robbins- Rosenthal act. However, Business debt is not covered by the FDCPA therefore, it is easier to collect, and neither is an investment property debt.. 


Question: Why are you so good?

Answer: Because we do not waste time. Many competitors simply write letters and do  nothing else-while some list debts with Credit Bureaus. We do that as well, however, we take immediate action and file either a civil lawsuit or small claims lawsuit on your behalf, and our goal is to get a court judgment- so that we can use the Civil Judgment enforcement process to force payment, This done via Sheriff levy's, Garnishments, Keepers and Debtor examinations, and  the debtor is forced to pay or prove why he can't and the system works!


Question: How do you save businesses money?

Answer:  By offering our small claims processing service, wherein an employee of our office, acts as an independent contractor for our clients and goes to small claims court and get a judgment on behalf of our client. This saves filings fees, time and expense. It also frees you up to work on making money and not recovering old money. We get results!


Question: Is your fee negotiable?

Answer: Depending on the amount of the debt and the volume, we will lower our fee if it helps you reach your profit margin.


Question: What is the statue of limitations for collecting debt?

Answer: The answers can be found here depending on your state. (we are not giving legal advice and you need to carefully research your debt situation by speaking with our attorney or an attorney of your choosing.)