With a combined 75 years total experience as California's elite group of super collectors and investigators, we have the solution to any issue.

EXCELLENCE IN CUSTOMER/CLIENT SERVICE/Debt collections/negotiation :


We offer a wide-range of collection services, all designed to help your business reach its potential. Whether you're looking to collect a small amount or a multi-million dollar bill, we have you covered. Our collections service is the best in the business and we are always looking for new innovative ways to collect money for you. We use state of the art industry tools and software that are designed to keep you in the loop while getting the job done, in the least amount of time. We want to collect your money right now - today - because you've waited long enough!  We also are professional and our main goal is to collect your bill while helping you potentially retain customers and avoid any negative feedback.

If you have further questions about our company or the services we provide,
please contact one of our representatives for further assistance.

   PHONE (866) 326-5532


Our President and Founder: DRE FREEMAN

With a grand total of 29 years in the debt collections field, , his clients have included a  virtual who's who of the top businesses and medical providers in Southern California and his firms have also handled thousands of collection accounts. He is by far the best collector in the business and has taught many classes and seminars.


Our Collections Staff and Associates:


John Roberts- Collections Supervisor-25 years experience

Bianca Biagioni- Registered process Server- Pretty Process Service

James Luke: Field Collector

Angelo Roman: Licensed Private Investigator

Siegel & Siegel- In House Attorneys 51 years experience

Plus the many members of our  ancillary staff that help use leave no stone upturned.

Mailing Address:

7190 Sunset Blvd.

Suite 505, LA,

CA 90046



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