Ray Phillips, D.C

You are by far the best collection agency I have ever had in my career. I can't believe you collected my first bill in front of me with one telephone call and got me $10,000.. I am getting paid now for bills I gave up on 10 years ago-payment is one phone call away. Thank You

C. Middleton

Protax, LLC


We have been in business for over 40 years and have used many debt collectors. You are by far the best we have ever used. You understand the property tax appeal process and are able to negotiate with property owners to make them understand why they owe us for our services. You cleaned up many judgments against LLC's that owed us money and made the bad debts good by finding people whom skipped out. I am extremely happy with your work. In,  1 year,  you have collected over 400k we gave up on. Thanks.Andre.

Hany Malek, D.C

You took our practice from strangulation to prosperity. Thank you for all the funds you have recovered for us and the way you make attorneys pay on personal injury cases is priceless. I now take liens and do not worry about payment because we have you to turn to. Thank you Andre.